Contact all the shelters and veterinary practices in your area? Provide them all with emergency information?
Confirm the identity of your pet over the phone even if its tags are lost? Within minutes create a "lost pet" poster with a pet photo? Mobilize a rescue network wherever you are traveling?

With ONE phone call to HomeAgain, 1-888-HOMEAGAIN, all of this and more is done for you!  Microchipping is a great way to increase the chance of getting your pet back if they are lost.  Without ID and no microchip, 90% of pets statistically do not get returned home. However, over 94% of pets microchipped with HomeAgain have been reunited with their families.

There are many additional benefits to microchipping with HomeAgain:

  • Proactive pet recovery network.
  • Lost pet alerts.
  • Personalized lost pet posters.
  • 24/7 emergency medical care with animal poison control hotline.
  • Adoption insurance.
  • Pet ID cards.
  • Pet travel assistance.

If you would like to have your pet microchipped please call us. The microchip can be placed during an appointment or while your pet is here for a procedure.