Management Staff

  • Shannon
    Hospital Practice Manager

    Shannon likes to travel and has found her home here in Maine.  Shannon grew up in New Mexico then moved to Texas, where she started working in a Veterinary clinic when she was 19 years old. After deciding to move closer to her husband's family, Shannon came to Maine and joined the Biddeford Animal Hospital Family.  With her in Maine are her husband, her daughter (the light of her life) and two dogs named Sandy and Riley. In her free time, Shannon is most likely found in the woods of Maine camping and fishing or pretending she knows how to use power tools.

  • Sushi

    Being a supervisor at Biddeford Animal Hospital has been one of my great joys in life. I'm often told by clients that I'm the most handsome supervisor they have ever laid eyes upon, so I spend most of my time napping in the waiting room where my adoring public can see me.  My affectionate personality is the cherry on top of my devilishly handsome good looks; I love to purr the day away! When I'm not greeting patients in the lobby, I can usually be found assisting Shannon in her office or teaching Wasabi life lessons.  One of my favorite past times is to sit on the floor of the waiting room and make the dogs whine as they try to convince their owner to let them chase me.  But be warned if you let your dog get close, I do something rude.  I usually get in trouble for this and get sent to the treatment area, but it’s worth it every time.    

  • Wasabi
    Assistant Supervisor

    My self-given mission in life is to defeat my arch nemesis - the grooming clippers- and collect as many small plastic toys as possible. My never-ending search for toys and treats sometimes leads me into the dangers of the waiting room, but I prefer to spend most of my time helping the technicians in the treatment area. My achievements include hide-and-seek champion of the hospital; sometimes, if you're lucky, you can see whole teams of technicians searching me out!  At closing time the technicians have to put me and Sushi in our apartments (or we will set the alarm off),  so I wait until about 10 minutes to close and poof I’m gone!  The techs get so frustrated with me.  It's hilarious!  My record is I kept them here 30 minutes after close looking for me.  The next day I received a lecture from Shannon, but pffft I wasn’t fazed by it!  Another favorite hobby I have is stealing catnip pillows off of the reception counter.  I steal them then run to the back and hide them in my basket.  It took a whole month before the Receptionist realized I was doing it.  Now they always seem to have one eye on me when I come up front.